Interior Designers

Jamie House

We are an interior designer’s secret weapon.

For design firms, we build next-level brand and marketing programs to boost the profile, visibility and national media coverage of the firm. If you’ve built influence on social media but can’t figure out how to monetize it, we can help you do that. Leadership and mindset are also key components of our proprietary Visibility Strategy. Telling the right brand story, to the right people in the right way has helped our clients generate targeted leads, opportunities for licensing and brand collaborations, and most importantly boost profits and joy ROI.

What action are you taking to show you mean business?

Are you a publicist?

No but our clients get published. We develop the on­brand stories, angles and pitches that they can make to build lasting relationships with media influencers.

Are you a therapist?

No! Although we have been lovingly referred to as “business shrink”. Here’s the thing. You’re smart. We get that but if you’re not getting the results you say you want in your business, there is a reason. We will get to the root of that thinking and untangle it.

Are you a coach?

Technically no, although some of our clients call us their coach. We excel at ideation and will help you create effective, personalized plans for execution. But we believe that branding happens from the inside out and that the difference between designer and leader has everything to do with how you navigate being visible. That is an inside job, which is why our Visibility Strategy includes “interior planning”. You can learn more about it here.