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Atelier Cachet


This Toronto design and build firm hired Me By Design when they were Arch Design Firm to increase their visibility and press. The Founder Nathalie Tremblay told us she was a former, award-winning, hip hop dancer and that her designs, like her choreography moved along asymmetrical lines. We asked her why she didn’t mention that in her bio?

One of the first things we noticed about Nathalie was her stunning French accent. Her website was a jumble of marketing speak with the curious tag, “done right before your eyes”. But none of the copy mentioned she was bilingual, a huge asset not only in Canada but also in Europe.



Intensives Help Designers Define Their Vision & Brand


The photo she and her contractor partner were using had the couple posted in a way that reminded us of 70s department store photo shoot, so we recommended a new photographer and website format.

We also recommended a company name change and new format for their website, changes that immediately elevated their firm from generic construction company to boutique brand. The new site was full-frame and gave potential clients an immersive experience. The graphic design and visual branding was masculine, since we determined that the company’s ideal clients were often professional men.

The firm’s new name Atelier Cachet, was not only French but the word “cachet” held meaning for Nathalie. It’s a word her mom often used to describe her daughter’s work. I came up with the tag Modern Luxe Estates and Couture Interiors.

We also organized the firm’s portfolio in a way that told the story of the luxury residences, and investment spec homes that the company was becoming known for. Not only were their projects published in shelter magazines, but because of the quality and clarity of their new online home, editors and scouts sought them out.