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We changed the name of the company to Atelier Cachet


The photo they were using to introduce themselves was reminiscent of a 70s department store photo shoot, so we recommended a photographer in addition to a name change and a website designer.

We changed the name of the company to Atelier Cachet, playing on French culture and because “cachet” held meaning for Nathalie. It’s a word her mom used often to describe her work. It also immediately elevated their firm from generic construction company to boutique brand. I came up with the tag Modern Luxe Estates and Couture Interiors.

We also organized her portfolio in a way that told the story of the luxury residences, and investment spec homes that her company was becoming known for. The template was full frame to give potential clients and immersive experience and masculine since we determined that their ideal clients were often professional men. Not only were they published, but the best part is that with a revised online home, editors and scouts sought them out.