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Kind Words

After reading Kim Kuhteubl’s book twice, I hired her as an interior design business coach to gain deeper insight on the design industry. Kim provided me with invaluable advice and tools to elevate my business to the next level. She was an integral part of my business and gave me the confidence to keep building my brand.
— Allison Crawford // Founder Hotelette, Austin
Kim will kick your butt in all of the best ways. She pushed me out of my shell and called BS on all of my excuses. She packs her talks with information you can actually use. I can’t think of one designer that doesn’t need to be in this CEU. Get in there!
— Jamie House//BERLIN
I had an appointment with my accountant this evening and he said that he’s never seen such a huge percentage increase in income the whole time he’s been working for me (10 years). In fact, he said he works with a lot of small businesses and other people in my field and has never seen such a high level turn-around!
— Allison Habermehl//waterloo
Kim planted my feet, calmed my fears, and showed me how to break out of my small-minded thinking. Over the course of one year, we fleshed out my brand, making it authentic and congruent with my dreams. I secured my biggest design fee, had work featured in several reputable publications, and have future opportunities for income streams plotted out. Everything has expanded in the right way with Kim’s guidance.
— Tawna Allred//Wyoming
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank you for speaking at our general meeting. What a great talk you gave! Several designers I spoke to this week were implementing some of your suggestions and taking what you said to heart. You are always welcome to speak to our chapter should you have new information. Thank you!
— ASID Orange County