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What if I told you that your ideal client isn’t “affluent”?

When a designer tells me they want an affluent—aka rich—client, they usually have no clue who their ideal client actually is. They’re so focused on the money they’re going to get that they totally forget that they’re here to serve. Now I’m not talking about being a designer doormat. You’ve got to know your value!

But until they get that everyone is willing to pay more for something, as long as it speaks to a longing in their soul, and those people—your people—are so much more than affluent, you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle that stops you from getting to the next level—your best level—in business and from letting it get that good.

You can work with clients you love on projects that challenge you creatively AND be well paid.
— Kim Kuhteubl

I’m Kim Kuhteubl and I’m a producer, author and the founder of Me By Design. Since 2011, I’ve worked with hundreds of interior designers to increase their visibility, income and build relationships with high-end clients. I’ve helped them get published in national shelter magazines like Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor and negotiate television deals and product licenses. I’ve helped them hire the right team to support the on-brand growth of their firms, and I’ve also helped them transform their relationship with money, earning more, smarter.

What if you knew exactly who was looking for the kind of work you do and who was willing to pay for it? It happens in #MBDMastermind, a year-long, small group immersion designed to lift the Founders of boutique interior design and architecture firms to their next level. If you are ready to transform your firm into a brand, increase your visibility, boost your profits and work with more high-end clients on bucket-list projects, join us!

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APPLICATIONS for 2022 NOW CLOSED. Sign up if you’d like to get on the list to be notified of new session enrollments. For private coaching inquiries, please contact

The #MBDMastermind will be a good fit if you can relate to one or more of the following…


I need clarity when it comes to figuring out the right steps to take my interior design business to the next level.

 I need help with money. I want to learn how to earn more and build wealth from my business.

I don’t know who my ideal (and loyal) clients are or how to find them.

I only want bucket-list projects.

I feel invisible and I want to be published.

I want to feel more confident.

I want to launch my product line.

I feel like there is never enough time to focus on the things that matter.

I’m a PITA (pain in the ass) magnet.

How would it feel if your next year in business created the kind of opportunities that excite your creativity, ignite your drive and build your bank account? 

If you read my book Branding + Interior Design, you learned that my definition of visibility goes way beyond Instagram, SEO and a shiny website. My book talked about why real and strategic growth happens at a much deeper level. This mastermind will show you how to get there.

If you’re committed to doing the homework, diving in, getting real and getting out of your own way, this mastermind will be the perfect fit.  

The client testimonials and results on this website are real and are voluntarily provided, without any benefits in exchange for said statements. Of course, results will vary and we cannot guarantee anyone’s specific results. The exact results and experiences will be unique and individual to each client based upon their own efforts and actions within the program. Everyone’s journey is unique — and we’ll be with you every step of the way! 


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APPLICATIONS for 2022 NOW CLOSED. Sign up if you’d like to get on the list to be notified of new session enrollments. For private coaching inquiries, please contact