Our Vision

Think Differently.


We work with interior designers, architects, creative executives, lifestyle influencers, and makers of beautiful things for the home on brand and business strategy, visibility, and audience engagement across multiple digital channels.

We believe that there is no strategy without vision, so our best work is helping clients find clarity about who and how they want to serve in the world.

Visibility is not just about being seen, in the traditional sense of the word, it’s also about being available for the vision designed for your life.

Developing leaders is a large component of the work we do. We coach and consult with founders, executives and their teams on vision and mindset,

personal branding and individualized sales conversations to create custom programs that create results. We also offer continuing education through the IDCEC.

We also pay close attention to market data, research, and trends and also advise design-focused startups and help them to define, understand and the right audience, successfully create new offerings and impact and improve the industry.


L:R Kim Kuhteubl, David B. Salkowitz, Homer Oatman, Shanna Kerr @ PDC West Week 2018

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Kim Kuhteubl
Executive Producer