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The rules weren’t made for us. Especially when it comes to doing business. Because the way women do business has changed: everything.

They don’t get who you really are, or who you’re becoming, but in the books of herstory, your voice and vision mean everything. Each week, Voice Lessons Podcast taps the collective wisdom of soul-led, mission-driven entrepreneurs, like you. Women (and sometimes men) who are building social, spiritual and financial wealth for themselves, their families and the world in paradigm-shifting ways. Author, producer and entrepreneur Kim Kuhteubl talks to these unexpected founders about creativity, visibility and the way that they lead with an unapologetically feminine take on doing business. Be Visible. Speak your truth. Every other woman needs you to lead.

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In this “Lesson on Trusting Your Gut”, Kim Kuhteubl pulls an interview with serial entrepreneur, author and visionary Christiane Lemieux out of the vault to talk about the growth of her business, saying “yes” and why this moment was meant for creative women who were born to lead.

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Interior designer, author, and visionary, Vicente Wolf’s list of projects is an interior designer’s bucket list that includes hotels, retail spaces, apartment buildings and private residences across the United States and around the world. He’s been recognized as a leader or legend in every design publication you know including the AD 100, Elle Décor’s A-List, NY Spaces Top 50 Designer and House Beautiful’s 10 most influential designers, to name a few. In this “Lesson On Longevity” from the vault, Kim Kuhteubl speaks with him about his journey to interior design, licensing and the business of being an interior designer.

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Plenty of books offer left-brained suggestions about how you can save, invest and get out of debt but for a lot of people, the subject of money is emotional and intangible. If you’re a chronic under-earner or even if you earn good money, but have an income cap, changing your relationship to money has to do with one of these three things. Hint, it’s got nothing to do with giving up your morning latte.

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Allison Crawford is giving women a design-centric way to feel at home with friends when they travel. Fueling a micro-tend that combines the vibe of a boutique hotel with an extended stay, her boot-strapped brand HOTELette has been profitable since day one.