How to Communicate Your Value as a Creative

"Your presentation has been such an eye-opener for me! Thank you!

- Mimi Pineau

WHat You'll LEARN:

The biggest mistake designers make when they're marketing to high-end clients.

What to focus on during a sales conversation that will help you get clients that fit.

Why worth is not just about $$ and why it's key to becoming a sought-after brand.

I'm Kim Kuhteubl, the founder of MeByDesign, an idea boutique for the home industry.

Since 2011, I’ve worked with hundreds of interior designers to brand their firms from the inside, out and helped them grow to six- and seven-figure sales along the way. 

I’ve also helped them get published in shelter magazines like Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and Elle Decor and negotiate product licenses and even a couple of television deals. 

In this complimentary webinar, Author, Producer, and Leadership Coach, Kim Kuhteubl shares the TOP 3 REASONS why some interior designers get career-making jobs and the kind of clients that invest in them.

I’ve helped them hire the right team members to support on-brand growth and most importantly, I've helped them to create the space to live aligned and joyful lives.

There isn't one way to do business and there certainly isn't one way to build a brand. But there is always a way to increase visibility, what and how you earn, and a way to find those elusive, big-ticket clients who will inspire you to do incredible work. 

I know. I've helped a lot of designers to do it

First, however, you'll have to blow up the tricky thoughts that are getting in your way. Because you can't solve your problems and lift to your next level with the same thinking you used to get here. 

If you're one of the thousands of interior designers who read my book Branding + Interior Design, THANK YOU!!! 

My book talked about "Why" branding from the inside, out is SO important. The "How" is something that I've only shared with clients who have invested in themselves to work with me Privately and in my Premium Mastermind program...until now.


What Six- and Seven-Figure Interior Designers Know About Client Fit That Most Don't