what we do

We work with interior designers, architects, creative executives, lifestyle influencers, and makers of beautiful things for the home on brand and business strategy, visibility, and audience engagement across multiple digital channels. 

We believe that there is no strategy without vision, so our best work is helping clients find clarity about who and how they want to serve in the world.

Visibility is not just about being seen, in the traditional sense of the word, it’s also about being available for the vision designed for your life.

Developing leaders is a large component of the work we do. We coach and consult with founders, executives and their teams on vision and mindset, personal branding and individualized sales conversations to create custom programs that create results. We also offer continuing education through the IDCEC. 

We also pay close attention to market data, research, and trends and also advise design-focused startups and help them to define, understand and the right audience, successfully create new offerings and impact and improve the industry.

- Kim Kuhteubl

“When you look in the mirror, do you see yourself for who you truly are? Do you recognize a leader, a legend or will you stay unknown?”

About Us

The Founder

Kim Kuhteubl

Kim is an author, award-winning producer and coach with an unapologetically, uncommon take on doing business. 

She founded MeByDesign, an idea boutique for the Home industry in 2011 and works with interior designers and the trade in the United States, Europe and Canada. Her first book, Branding + Interior Design has taught thousands of designers how to bridge the gap between designer and design leader. Using her proprietary Visibility Strategy, she’s helped more designers go from six to seven-figure revenue than any other coach in the industry.

All About

Slow mornings, time in the countryside, good skincare, Spotify, local cafess and really great hats.

Not About

Hustle culture, artificial people, artificial plants, long emails, bullsh*t, comparison, band-aid fixes, boring anything.

agree? we're probably a great fit.

Jessica Minalga

Digital Story & Program Coordinator

Jessica Minalga is a Digital Marketing professional specializing in content strategy and brand management. With a background in Public Relations, she has worked for multiple lifestyle and service-based brands creating online visibility opportunities and original on-brand stories, sharing them across multiple digital platforms in a creative and strategic way. 

As the Program Coordinator for MBD Mastermind, she works as both friend and colleague to generate personalized and own-able moments for designers. She is motivated by helping interior design brands get placed in front of the right audience. 

our team

All About

Montana Mountains, Travel, Good Food, Good Music & Working Hard

Not About

Taking life (and people) for granted

Real Results

kind words

allison made a massive income jump

“I had an appointment with my accountant this evening and he said that he’s never seen such a huge percentage increase in income the whole time he’s been working for me (10 years)”

- Allison Habermehl, Waterloo


" It was only after I got really honest (visible) with myself, and started the internal 'house cleaning' that my external visibility shifted. It's been exciting to see how having more internal clarity has made space for the opportunities I've always wanted (and some I didn't know I wanted) to flow in surprising ways! 

- Amanda Lwanga, Linger Design

rachel found her soul energy for her business

After my first phone conversation with Kim, I could already feel the energy for my business coming back into my soul. I am also focused on what brings me joy and lights me up...I never thought that the frustrated, tired energy I was unconsciously putting out there was just attracting more of that. Kim helped me discover not only things I wanted for my business but also things I valued and desired for my life and how these two worlds are so connected. 

- Rachel Shore, Shore + Co

Let's Work Together

Develop Your Authentic Brand

Until you get that everyone is willing to pay more for something, as long as it speaks to a longing in their soul, and those people—your people—are so much more than affluent, you’ll be stuck in a vicious cycle that stops you from getting to the next level—your best level—in business.