Punch Up Your Selling Strategy

by Laura Dauphine

Although adding new products to your roster is an important way to stay current in the marketplace, sometimes it’s much easier to build awareness of an existing product that’s got a decent competitive standing. Here are a few easy ways to add value:

Imagery–Refresh your web presence, sales materials or advertising. Add clear before and after pictures or images that demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. Add webinars with you or your experts about a current topic, or any video testimonials.

Copy–Give more thought to your web, print or ad copy. Simplify language. Add current market buzzwords or give step by step product instructions—anything that is appropriate to your audience and that engages them. Ask happy customers for testimonials that you can add to the site, make sure all your links work fluidly and take a page from expert marketers. LL Bean—have a way to contact you on every page.

Media experts–Set your business up as an expert with media and write local or national media outlets that reach your audience to speak and write about your brand. For example if you ran a de-cluttering service, write top five or ten ways people can begin to de-clutter their spaces. It’s not giving away your service – people still need help – but it sets you up as an expert and gains goodwill.

Keep the customer –Look into the cost and feasibility of having operators on 24/7 to take appointments for your service. Consider offering follow-up check ups at a reduced rate or free with a certain level of purchase. It’s not just about your one product or service, it’s how you keep the customer engaged.

Sponsor—Sponsor a portion of an event that meshes well with your brand. Run a contest, competition or have a person of interest (celebrity or locally known person who has used or endorses your brand or is in the industry) speak positively on your behalf—all for increased awareness with your business.

Decide which two traits (freshness and convenience, taste and packaging, timely delivery and expertise) are the main criteria customers use to purchase products in your industry. Honestly place where you think you are and then analyze competitor’s positions. It may confirm that you’re on track and have some opportunity to grow in different marketing directions in the future.

Small businesses are primed even in this market, to have the largest industry projected growth, so it can be profitable for you to consider how marketing can help make consumers aware of the value and uniqueness of your product.

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