Living La Vida Tranquilista

By Kimberly Wilson
A tranquilista is a woman who embraces her many sides: spiritual (she’s a tranquility-seeker), creative (loves style), and entrepreneurial (calls her own shots). She hearts fashion and philanthropy. Parties and prayer. Entertaining and enlightenment. The golden rule and layers of vintage gold bangles. She is you and she is moi. She is full of aspirations and always seeking inspiration. Oh, and she sparkles. Literally.

The foundation for tranquilista living is based in spirituality – that deep connection to how your thoughts, words, and actions impact those around you. By observing this sense of interconnectedness you have to all beings, you are encouraged to think twice before sending that not-so-nice e-mail or treating the oh-so-slow barista rudely. This connection to the bigger picture is always on your mind. Sure, life will ebb and flow with frustration, challenges, and opportunities, but it is your spirituality that ensures a strong foundation to operate from.

Daily doses of prayer, meditation, yoga, journal writing, reading inspirational texts, and listening to soul-enhancing music can all contribute to your spiritual practice. These can be easily infused into your everyday routine. Listen to a motivating podcast during your commute to work. Light a candle and roll out your yoga mat when you wake up. Make do-gooding a regular part of your week – give a compliment, donate to your favorite cause, volunteer your time. Live your values. Let your life be an example of inspiration to those who cross your path.

Your unique expression of spirituality is a haven for finding a sense of spaciousness coupled with groundedness to make life more, well, tranquil.

Let your inner artist out to play by sprinkling creativity into your daily to-dos. Your life is a blank canvas for you to design. Scary, huh? I like to think of it as empowering. You create the brushstrokes! Creativity can be expressed through the food you eat, the way you set a table, the colors you choose to paint a room, the lipstick you wear, and your relationships. It encompasses the mammoth to the mundane. Why write with a black ballpoint pen when there are sparkly options out there?
Dress with panache. Explore unconventional ways. Color outside the lines. Write a blog. Travel and see the world with new eyes. Make your gifts. Knit a scarf. You are given an opportunity to express your creative spark multiple times throughout the day. How do you let yours shine? If you must don the standard navy blue suit, add a splash of color with a vibrant scarf. Rather than standard black tights, try pink or silver. Furnish your home as a haven for nesting. Mix styles, blend colors, and make it uniquely you. Hang an Impressionistic piece of art in your office rather than the typical diploma. Indulge in a bubble bath rather than a quick shower.

Make every day artful by savoring the simple things.

Consciously carve your life’s path. Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, stay at home with tots, or have your own start up business, being the entrepreneur of your journey is the icing on top. Start a You Tube channel. Send inspiring tweets. Always do your very best and go the extra mile. Be a go-getter and ask to design new projects (such as the Do-Gooding Director). Create awards for team members. Give kudos on a regular basis and show appreciation. Be sure to surround yourself with a winning team – supporting, nurturing, hard working, and honest. Design a product to go with your services or vice versa. Learn to read a financial spreadsheet – I know, not the fun stuff but it’s important to know these basics at home and at work. Build community within your organization and beyond.

Your life is your brand – from the way you communicate to what you wear to how you treat others. Constantly seek to grow and learn new things. Hone your craft. Become an expert. Let your brand be authentically you.

Sprinkles on Top
Living la vida tranquilista is about mixing the perfect concoction of spirituality, creativity, and entrepreneurship for your spirit. Let your dreams unfold and your heart open. Bask in marching to the beat of your own drum and stay mindful to how your actions affect those around you. Relish in making each day a memorable experience. May your life be full of bliss, beauty, and balance.

KIMBERLY WILSON is the author of Tranquilista and Hip Tranquil Chick. She is also the designer of eco-fashion line TranquiliT, and the founder of the Tranquil Space Foundation, which promotes yoga, creativity, and leadership in women and girls. She lives in Washington, DC. Visit her online at  Based on the book Tranquilista, copyright 2010 by Kimberly Wilson. Printed with permission from New World Library

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