News Anchor Quits Her Job And Hits The Road To Find A Hubby

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?  Julia Yarbough has spent the last 22 years building her career in television news.  She’s even won an Emmy, twice but now she’s given it all up in search of a husband.

“I have had an amazing and exciting career, awesome travels, excellent friends and amazing adventures. But even with all that, there’s still something missing: a solid and loving relationship.”

Julia realized population statistics were working against her and pretty much every woman in the country. According to recent census figures, 95.9 million Americans are single and 53% of those singles are women. In South Florida, the numbers are even more grim – women outnumber men by almost  3 to 1. With no dates in years,  Julia has decided to shake things up. Drastically change her life. Put herself where lightening may strike.

“I walked away from a comfortable income and a life of security in search of something greater.  I knew I was starting to lose faith in the possibility of true love. The `Dear John – email’ I recently received was the catalyst for change. For the sake of my own heart and for all the singles out there searching for love, I am hitting the highway on what I know will be a life-altering  journey.”

Julia’s best girlfriend Silva Harapetian, recently laid off from her reporting job in Detroit is joining her on a coast-to-coast adventure by car that they’ve dubbed HighwayToA

“I’m not quite sure who my husband is but I know he’s not sitting at home waiting for life to come to him. He’s out following his passions and the only way for me to meet him is if I do the same.”

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  1. Katie says:

    Check out this book. When You Grow Up and Get…Single. It totally mentions your statistics.

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