Saturday Is B Day

I gush when I talk about Betty White.  I always have.  For all of you who raised your eyebrows at me as I carried on about her comedic genius, imagine me sticking my tongue out at you.  Because apparently, I’m not alone.
If you missed it, some mastermind (oh how I wish it had been me) started a Facebook fan page several months back lobbying SNL to have her host the show and the higher-ups got the message.  This Saturday May 8th, 2010 is officially B Day. Program your TiVo NOW!

It’s hard not to admire a woman who has eight decades of entertainment under belt.  I can’t decide whether I loved her more as the manipulative, Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore (a show which on some subliminal level I’m sure is responsible for me being a producer).  Or perhaps it was as Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls (a character whose brand of naïveté – okay ditziness – is scarily familiar)?  TV junkies need to know that White played the Rose character on four different TV series: The Golden Palace(1992), The Golden Girls (1985), Nurses (1991), and Empty Nest (1988).  Who does that?!

If there was a hit show, she’s been on it. From Mama’s Family, The Love Boat, Who’s The Boss, Ally McBeal, The Practice, Malcolm in the Middle to That 70s Show, Boston Legal and My Name is Earl.  It’s obvious why this past January, the Screen Actors’ Guild honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In her spare time, 88-year-old White, who has been a widow since 1981, is also a passionate animal rights activist and works with a number of organizations: including the Los Angeles Zoo Commission, the Morris Animal Foundation, and Actors & Others for Animals.

I know.  I’m gushing again.

Say it with me, “Betty White. Living Legend. SNL Saturday.”

Any Betty lovers on the board?

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