Cool Stuff For Your Pets

Teddy Luong designed this Fish Condo as a part of a student design competition.  Surrounded by a white ABS shell, the glass fishbowl can be stacked to look like a hotel or removed for easy cleaning.  Fish not included!  $25

This Shark Dome Bed by Nano Dome is the perfect headquarters for a pup who likes being out at sea.

The bed’s ultra soft cushion is foldable and the side zipper makes it easy to collapse for transportation.  It’s manufactured using Nanotechnology from Japan which means that a 10 to 15 minute dose of sunlight will kill bacteria that causes odor.  This bed comes in various shapes including cat, and my personal fav, the ladybug. $69

The Body Glove Oahu floatation device is made of molded EVA foam – the same material found in most children’s float suit suits.

Comfortable and durable, now your pet is safe boating, kayaking or surfing.$29.99

Just say no to nylon (AKA plastic derived from petroleum)!  This renewable leash from Annie’s Sweatshop is 1-inch thick and shows off the fab fabric you select.
Sewn onto strong cotton webbing, it’s secured with a repurposed nickel swivel loop lock.  Recycle your old leash parts and receive a $5 Rebate. $28

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    *Awesome stuff*! :)))

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