Organize your life–clothing

You’re warmed by the summer sun and wiggling your toes in flip flops at this point in the year.  It’s a great time, before the tempting fall clothes are really out, to organize your wardrobe and give you more room in your closet.

Take it off and put it on

It pays – twice a year minimum – to shower and put on neutral undies and then try on everything in your closet.   Pick a rainy day when you’ve got nothing better to do and see what’s folded up in drawers and on shelves.  You’ll feel like you’ve earned Facebook bragging rights afterwards.

I don’t hold with the `if you’ve not worn it in a year, it’s out’ rule, because then I’d have no formal clothes.  I do the–`at this very weight today, does this item flatter me and look fresh?’ Will I feel confident wearing it?  If not, out it goes.

Most of us are not gifted with a Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet.  So you should be able to reach into your closet and confidently pick any piece of clothing, knowing that it fits and flatters.  After you clear everything out, you will be able to.  You’ll know exactly what you have, what you need to buy and reduce, if not eliminate, impulse clothing buys.

Build from here

Once you’ve got the closet full of clothing that really works for you, you’ll have a realistic list of what you need and you can save money to buy a few key items for the upcoming season.

Check out these second hand clothing ideas that may be fun to try in your area.  Buying what you  need second hand can take you out of the same-old style zone and add interesting, flattering pieces.

Consider spending up to save.  If you need a staple jacket for work and you figure you’ll be at this weight for a while—it may be worth spending on a well-made pricier classic to last longer.  Department stores, outlet malls or sample sales can offer you a discount on a pricier purchase and still give you an impressive item in your closet that lasts.

Cheap neutrals still represent well.  Even if you shop at bargain clothing stores, like me.  If you buy in white, beige, black, brown, grey—or whatever neutral looks good on you–it’ll still have a classic, longer lasting, fashionable feel over brights or patterns.

Get rid of it, really

Add good karma to your organizing as you get rid of your unwanted clothes. Goodwill and The Salvation Army are staple drop offs where you know the clothing will be used to help others.

Google your local shelter or find them through your 311 information, if available.  To help further, ask the shelter for a current wishlist and collect through your network—donate along with your unwanted clothes.

If you’ve got suits or work-specific clothing that you’re getting rid of—help a fellow woman out and donate to your local Dress for Success .  Just offering to deliver the donations of friends/co-workers can double your donation.

Remember too, that you’re a single gal and you can get tax receipts for your donations.  Suddenly unwanted clothes helped reduce your taxes.

Out of your closet and a landfill—find a local Freecycle or FreeSharing group and advertise the clothes—someone will want them and they’ll be recycled.

Cleaning out and organizing can control your fall clothing spending and also benefit a woman who could really use what is just taking up space in your closet!

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