DIY: French Press Herb Keeper

My love of herbs and how quickly they perish in my fridge prompted me to do some research on herb keepers. I started to see a trend with most of them: glass or plastic containers that allow the roots to touch the water and the rest of the herb to remain inside the glass. Some of them also had a kind of plunger built into the lid for easy access to the herbs.  Hmmm they kind of looked like my old French Press.

I love experiments so I decided to turn my French Press into a pretty herb keeper and see if the herbs last longer in the press or in a plastic bag in the crisper.

First I took the French Press apart and washed it thoroughly in hot soapy water to get rid of any coffee oils and old grounds.

Next, I trimmed the bottoms of the herbs.

Then I filled the bottom of the press with about an inch of water.

I placed the herbs on the plunger and sent their roots on their way to the water.

I placed the French Press in the fridge and plan to keep an eye on the herbs for the next few days and chart their progress. (I also put some left over herbs in plastic bags in the fridge.)  Success, Failure? I will keep you posted!

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  1. oh, what a creative way to recycle my old French press!
    thanks, victoria!

  2. Christine Gaidies says:

    Awesome and delicious and wrery wrery cweative!! lol

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