DIY Herb Keeper

A couple of weeks ago I started an experiment to see if my homemade French Press herb keeper would keep my herbs fresher than in plastic bags/boxes that they came in.

I had been checking in regularly on the herbs and things were neck in neck for a while so you can imagine my surprise when I took the final pictures this morning.

Was my homemade herb keeper a smashing success or was it back to the drawing board?

The Winnahhhhh!


The thyme above right was kept in the herb keeper

The herbs on the left were kept in plastic bags and boxes they arrived in and the herbs on the right were kept in the Herb Keeper.

I noticed the biggest difference in the mint and thyme and more subtle differences in the cilantro and dill. Although to the naked eye they are much greener and certainly crisper than their limp bagged counterparts.

Give it a try. You can see how to make your own herb keeper at home with your old French Press right here.

Dill on the right was kept in the herb keeper.

A word of advice: If you can, try to keep your herbs close to the front of the fridge or in the fridge door to keep you water from freezing!

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    I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

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