10 Easy Online Donations To Help Women Around The World

I recently heard a younger male corporate giant say, “I’ll have my girl schedule that.”  Next, a woman who can make your head spin with her advanced wind power engineer knowledge say to me, “I’d never vote for a female politician.”  And saw a young mother in Connecticut’s educated “Gold Coast” tell her daughter that she should keep her voice quiet, because she’s not, “A little boy.”
To keep on supporting our fellow woman toward enlightenment, here are 10 easy online donations you can make that’ll help our sisters abroad and at home, this holiday season.

Global fund for women

Providing educational funds and empowerment for women globally.

Amnesty International

Stops violence against women, among other female-empowering programs.

The Pink Sari Gang

Stopping domestic violence in rural northern India in a creative, successful way.

Ms. Foundation for Women

An inclusive movement for change since the beginning!

The Feminist Majority

A domestic and global lobbying group.

Emily’s List

Helping support pro-female candidates to Congress.


Protect women from pharmacists who refuse to give birth control.


Remember, this is the original female-strong lobbying group (fair wages, parental leave, etc.)—National Organization for Women.


United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Dress for Success

With over 105 locations across the U.S. and abroad, women are helped to improve their financial situation and build needed confidence.

Have any female-supporting gifts in mind of your own for the holidays?  Let others know and we’re all lifted up!

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