Make A Hot Water Bottle Cozy

I have wanted a cozy for a hot water bottle for a long while. There are many gorgeous ones on Etsy by many talented artists, but I had this old moth eaten cashmere sweater from 20 years ago that was crying to be re-purposed and so I decided to give it a go. Please, no cringing, I could use a sewing lesson!  If you have a sewing machine, this will be done in a flash.  (And you will be able to reinforce the stitching.)
Here’s what you need!

  • 1 large turtle or cowl neck sweater. If it’s a turtleneck make sure the neck is big enough to put a water bottle through.
  • 1 hot water bottle. I got this one for $5.97 at the drug store.
  • Thread, pins, a needle and a button (optional)

First, turn the sweater inside out and put the filled water bottle inside. Line up the top corners of the water bottle with the shoulders of the sweater.

Pin around the bottle. Be careful not to pierce the bottle when pinning.

Sew straight lines down the sides and bottom, using the pins as your guides. (Sew on the inside of the pin guides for a snug fit.)

Once done sewing, remove the pins and cut off the excess fabric. Be careful not to cut too much.

Take the trimmings and arrange them in a star-like pattern.

Take the water bottle out of the sweater. Turn the sweater inside out again so that the finished side is on the outside and fasten the trimmings to the sweater with a needle and thread. A button can be used on top to finish the look.

Take a strip of remnant sweater from the initial cutting. (A waistband works.) You can also use some pretty ribbon if you wish.  Put the water bottle back in the sweater and wrap the remnant around the neck of the bottle. I tied a loose knot in mine in the back.

Done, one water bottle cozy. You can even display it when it’s not in use under the covers!

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