Clean Your Closet. Change Your Life.

Make fun all you want but I need to come out of the closet – literally.
I have spent hundreds of hours in other people’s closets, offices and garages.  My life’s mission is to help people get their heart’s desire, get organized and help the world a bit to boot. The way I see it, the way we women keep our closets is an exact reflection of how we live our lives. Our closets mirror how we feel about ourselves and what we believe we deserve. When our closets are jammed full of clothes we never wear – or may never fit into again – we have no room for what we truly want and who we truly want to be.

All the weekends I’ve spent cleaning out the clutter has left me pasty white, but it has also made me wise.  I hear the same complaints over and over again.  Any of these sound familiar to you?

“I’ve spent crazy amounts of money on organizing books, organizing systems and professional advice but none of it seems to take.  Everything is still a mess!”

“I keep buying new clothes but I can’t put an outfit together.”

“I feel stuck in my life and want to get unstuck, but I’m not sure what that means and how to do it.”

“I know I want something new, better, different in my life – a better job, more money, a better relationship with my family. But for some reason, I just can’t seem to make it happen!”

Your Stuff = Your Past

From where I’m standing – and a good bet it’s probably inside someone’s closet – letting go of the stuff that’s not serving you means you’re making room for what you really want.  I know the concept is weird and might be kind of scary for those of you who love to pile up your stuff around you, but I have seen it work time and time again.

In the 15 years that I’ve been teaching Clean Your Closet Change Your Life, I’ve seen amazing results.  After cleaning out her home office, one woman received an unsolicited job offer – the first she’d received in more than eight years.  After clearing out 18 bags of clothes from her closet, another woman decided to pack up and move to another city, starting a new business and creating the new life for herself that she’d always wanted.  A divorced mother of four achieved a better relationship with her children after cleaning out the mudroom and playroom in her home.

Create empty space by cleaning out your stuff and the Universe will rush in to give you your heart’s desire. Our closets, offices, kitchens, basements and garages – are metaphors for where we are stuck in our lives. Sometimes it’s the state of our stuff that tips us off that our life is out of balance. Whatever area you’ve got where your stuff is out of control – or even just annoying – the “fix” is the same.  Clean out the clutter and engage the Law of Attraction. You know the Law of Attraction, right? That Universal principle that we attract into our lives what we think and feel. Having a bad day? Seems like everyone around you is unhappy, too. Really don’t want to spill spaghetti sauce on that white blouse. Oh, oops, you already did!

Be On Fire For What You Want

When you get rid of the crap that’s holding you back, you turbo charge the Law of Attraction.  Here are the five steps you need to get going:

1. Focus

Get clear on what you want.

2.  Ask

Write it down in a manifestation statement.

3.  Clean

Clean the appropriate area to create empty space.

4.  Believe

Know that change is coming and be on the lookout for the signs and signals that your manifestation is on the way.

5.  Receive

Set a date for reaching your goal or receiving what you want.  If you don’t get it on the timeline you set, try not to feel disappointed.  What looks like failure may actually be something much better on the way.

We are smart women.  We run companies and families and countries and we know how to clean our closets.  It’s not the knowing that’s holding us back, it’s our feelings that keep us trapped in closets stuffed with clothes that we haven’t worn since 1986.  Let 2011 be the year you change all of that.  Clean your closet and change your life.  Follow Kit on twitter.

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  1. mandy says:

    Terrific, I can’t wait to clean my office.

  2. shirley says:

    Well, I am a bit bias (admittedly) because I’ve known Kit since the ’90s. And perhaps as one of her first clients, in the late ’90s, we both went into my figurative closet (also known as my home office) and came out alive – all the better for my business and my life! So glad others will have the opportunity to share in this!

  3. Michelle says:

    You have absolutely inspired me! I can’t decide which closet to hit first, or maybe I should just clean out the whole house…. Thanks!

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