How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Own?

By no means am I even close to Imelda Marcos’ level of shoe ownership with a whopping 2700 pairs, but I seem to get funny looks when I tell people that I own over a hundred pairs of shoes.  Is that too many?  What is the proper amount of shoes to keep in your closet without getting looks from people like you are crazy or obsessed?  How many do you own?
According to Shop Smart Magazine, the average woman in the United States owns only 17 pairs.  17!  That number just about knocked me off my chair.  To me, it seems extremely low.  I own double that in just flip flops!  I might be able to attribute my obsession with shoes from working in the fashion and retail industry, but I believe it started when I was a young girl.  Each season, mom would take me and my sister shopping for new clothes and shoes to places like A&S, Macy’s and Bloomingdales.  But it was early on in high school when I think my obsession really started.  I remember getting giddy at the thought of buying a new pair of tall black leather boots for the up-coming school year.  Today, I own 10 pairs of boots but still feel the need to buy at least 2 or 3 more styles to round out my wardrobe.

Shoes (and boots) are just one of those things that I drool over.  Most women do, we just love them!  They make us feel sexy, sassy and feminine.  Our shoe size doesn’t fluctuate like our dress size, so emotionally; a new pair of shoes can make us feel elated and satisfied.  For me, shoes are like artwork.  They can turn a boring outfit into something spectacular.  Here are a few tips from your shoe-obsessed Retail Diva to help change your look from snooze to wow!

BRING TEXTURE to your work or play outfit by wearing a shoe with texture like a snake skin pump or ruched bootie

ADD COLOR to a monochromatic outfit by slipping on a pair of bold color shoes

HOW HIGH can you go?  Sky high platforms are simply amazing!  Men will drool watching you gracefully sashay down the street wearing a pair of these, especially if you are on a date!

DISCARD THE STEREOTYPES that say you can only wear white shoes after Labor Day or you can’t wear brown shoes with black clothing.  They are old and outdated!  It IS OK to wear white shoes whenever you want and mixing up browns, camels and honey colors with black looks really cool.  Mix it up and it will keep your wardrobe feeling fresh!

I want to know how many pairs of shoes you own and what type of shoe do you absolutely feel compelled to touch, feel, try on and typically buy?

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  1. Great post! I have a confession to make. I just donated over 10 pairs of shoes in an effort to update my look and embrace my mid-30’s. I have moved from an office to a home office and am finding my shoe situation has grown quite dire.
    This post is a good motivator to tear open my closet and reassess my pitiful shoe situation! 🙂

  2. The Retail Diva says:

    Thanks Elizabeth! Glad I could help motivate you! I too cleaned out my closet and donated about 30 pairs of shoes and actually threw away (gasp!) 10 pairs that just could’t be saved last year. It feels great to purge and update. I hope you can control the amount you put back in OR add back in some new fabulous ones!

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