A Date With Dwell On Design

I think it’s a myth that single women have more free time than everyone else. Because I’m single, I’ve noticed people can be cavalier with my time.  They think I can work later, change plans without notice, volunteer more, or help them with whatever they need to do, because I couldn’t possibly have a life.

Well I do.

But a lot of the time, I’m not doing things I truly love.  That’s why I’ve started having dates with myself.  I have a list of all the things I love and love to do and when I’m feeling crappy, I check out the list and get busy doing something I know will make my heart heart happy.

Last Saturday, I took myself to DWELL On Design, a home and design expo held at the Los Angeles Convention center and had an incredible time. Here are a couple of the fun things I saw:

You’d have never guessed that the Ecofabulous House prefab home designed by Jonathan Davis and styled by ecofabulous founder, Zem Joaquin, was 520 square feet.

This year, the interior was a luxurious take on sustainability and one very lucky person will purchase the home valued at $280,000+ on eBay.

I also caught Andreas Stavropoulos’ presentation about his renovation of a 1959, 150-square-foot, Airstream trailer.  The landscape architect lived in it for three years (sans sewage), although it wasn’t his first time experimenting with design and uncommon living spaces.  He once lived in a tipi!

Sadly, I was somewhat distracted by the design experiment going on in front of me.  It was a his…

…and hers, two-for-one deal.

I also got to test drive the new Audi A7 sedan as part of the green car tour.  Did I mention that I’m slightly obsessed with Audi’s?  Sitting in the driver’s seat was better than lying in bed and the GPS can read your handwriting.

One of the most memorable parts of my day happened when artist Sasaki, who creates Heartbeat installations internationally, painted the sound of my heartbeat — totally apropos for a day spent following mine.

Got any other ideas for dates with yourself?

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