Take Your Interior Design Firm To The Next Level in 2016

I’ve set fewer goals this year but they mean more and so before resistance starts to get in my way, I’ve decided I’m going to use another tactic.

I often speak about baby steps and the idea that when you’re in alignment, change eases in. So that’s what I’m practicing. I’m doing at least one thing every day in the direction of one of those BIG, scary goals; taking a tiny step that doesn’t feel quite so scary. I’ve also upped my level of outside support.

How about you? What does this year mean to you? What do you want to accomplish in your business? What kind of support have you put in place to help you get those things done? Have you made interior design marketing a priority? I’d like to help.

On Thursday January 21, I’ll be offering my CEU Image 360: Branding, Visibility and Money online!

In it you’ll learn how I work with designers and architects to help them determine their brand DNA and set business goals that are in alignment with their lifestyle. It’s helped many of my clients get published, boost their sales and most importantly be visible. But I’m not talking about visibility in the traditional sense of the word. Being visible also means being available for what you say you want. Is that you? Here are the logistics:

Thursday January 21 @ 10PT $50


I look forward to helping you turn on the tap to flow in all kinds of amazing opportunities this year.

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