Why Your Interior Design Business Strategy Isn’t Working

Have you ever considered that your plans, strategies, way-of-getting-things-done are what are holding you back from getting what you want? Wait, what?

You’ve made the decision to go after something. You have a plan. You start to execute said plan and then something goes wrong, very wrong. In fact, it seems like that thing you want is even farther away than when you started.

It’s usually at this point, that most people adjust the dream.

I didn’t really want that. Maybe I’m not supposed to have that. Maybe the timing’s not right.

Uh, nope.

Here’s the good news. When you hit an obstacle, it’s a validation, not a void. Why? Because it means that you are fully engaged with your goal. It means you’ve hit smack against the way of reality–the way you’ve built your life up until this point–and are involved in shifting it.

Yeah? So what now?

Our plans are created from all the things we know, which means that we don’t have access to the things we don’t. The solutions that are out of the realm of our experience, that we literally can’t see because we’ve structured our lives in way to support what we understand to be true. In other words, we don’t want to. They might require change and that’s uncomfortable.

But here’s the thing, people who are successful are willing to be flexible in their strategies. Because for them, receiving what they say they want is way more important than being right about what it took to get there.

If you need help “un”sticking your stuck, get it.

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