How To Be Press Worthy

Not all press is good press. Not all leads are quality leads. I’m in the process of on-boarding a new client for our Marketing Department Services. Although she’s not really new. We’ve already worked together, which is how I determine whether MBD is a good fit to provide them.

Similar to the other firms I work with who are in her established category, she leads an exceptionally busy, boutique practice. So dreaming up stories for instagram and pitching magazines aren’t her first priority, even though she has many stories to tell. It’s been fun putting on my writer hat and working with my team on strategic placements. It also brings to mind an important lesson.

You may be quoted in the New York Times and get a flow of eyeballs to your website—maybe if the quote was that good—but was it in the right context? Will the right client invest in your services because of it? Or is it a fluff piece that diminishes your credibility? Similarly, not all online referral hubs and blogs are created equal.

Take the time to cultivate your image carefully. Often in the rush to be seen, designers forget that the fastest way to get the media to notice you is to actually have something to say. If you continue to evolve, editors will seek you out to hear your point of view. If you’re not getting covered and you used to, I guarantee it’s a problem with your interior planning. Being press worthy is about knowing who you are, how you want to impact the industry, being articulate and having a take on the world.

Just because a publication wants to cover you—and there are many blogs hunting for new material daily—doesn’t mean you should say yes. Use discretion. For the most part, what goes online stays online so make sure that the publication you’re giving an interview to aligns with your brand.

If you don’t know how to create those opportunities, strategically, get help.

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