What Is It About A British Accent?

I booked a reservation at the Mezzanine, inside the new Los Angeles outpost of the popular, New York, hotel The Nomad, and was greeted by a recorded message in a British accent. Apparently a 2015 poll of 11,000 people in 24 cities around the world, showed that a British accent is the most attractive in the world. Sociolinguists say that our perception of accents has to do more with social and cultural associations than it does with the actual sound.

In the United States, for example—and in Canada too—we tend to associate the typical British accent with high social status, or being posh as the Brits like to say. To many people, the British are perceived as smart and witty and that gives them a high social status along with credibility.

I love the Sydell Group’s take on developing properties like The Nomad because the design is rooted in its location and architecture, in this case downtown LA with its Art Deco vibes. The small detail of a posh Brit answering the phone was a fun teaser for a high-end experience from service, to the smart, unexpected selection of food and drinks, and of course the luxe design.

In MBD Mastermind, we’ve been focused on customer experience this month because when it comes to luxury spending, experiences are by far the most powerful driver. In fact according to the Boston Consulting Group, collectively they make up nearly $1 trillion of the annual global total.

So what about you? Is your client experience a powerful sales driver?

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