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Biz Ladies: How To Deal with Copycats BY KIM KUHTEUBL “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or so the saying goes and copycats are par for the course when you’re successful in creative business.”

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La Dolce Vita Blog

THIS WEEKS QUOTE “The life you were meant to live is the one you choose, not the one that well-meaning people would choose for you. It’s your story: write it in your own words.” – Kim Kuhteubl Read Full Article

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Decorex International

Do Women Lead Differently? “When it comes to design, it’s not uncommon to describe objects in terms of their masculine and feminine qualities. Those descriptions become more loaded though when they’re applied to human beings. What does it mean to be feminine or masculine? Is the notion of gender inequality a dated one?  

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The Productive Designer Podcast

The Productive Designer host Crystal Collinson chats with the author, award-winning Producer and Strategist, Kim Kuhteubl. Kim founded MeByDesign, an idea boutique for the home industry a decade ago. She has worked with design entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Her clients have been featured in publications like Architectural Digest, New York Times, Elle Decor, House […]

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SAID PODCAST interview, Kim Kuhteubl: SHE WHO COACHES LEADERS In this episode, Kim talks about the kind of client she attracts, how getting clear on one’s message lets everything else fall into place and the intangible value of care that designers bring to their clients. Listen Now

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A Well-Designed Business

A Well-Designed Business Podcast Interview KIM KUHTEUBL: understand the value of your creativity and how to find your true tribe Listen Now

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Design Tribe Podcast Interview

Design Tribe Podcast interview: Grow Your Design Business w/ The Visibility Strategy by Kim Kuhteubl In this episode of the Design Tribe, Lauren speaks to Kim Kuhteubl – she is an author and coach who works with designers on creating better business strategies on an emotional and strategic level. LISTEN NOW

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How To Be Press Worthy

You may be quoted in the New York Times and get a flow of eyeballs to your website—maybe if the quote was that good—but was it in the right context? Will the right client invest in your services because of it? Or is it a fluff piece that diminishes your credibility? Similarly, not all online referral hubs and blogs are created equal.

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The difference between unknowns, design leaders and legends is a factor of visibility. But being visible is about more than being seen, one of its underused definitions is available