Celebrate Spring

Today is the first official day of Spring.  Astronomically, the Spring equinox marks the moment when the center of the sun’s disk appears directly overhead at the Equator. This year, the vernal equinox officially occurs at 17:32 coordinated universal time (1:32 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time) March 20, 2010.
Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth.  Here are a few fun things you can do to mark your new beginning:

Clean. Empty your drawers.  Clean out your closet.  Donate a bag or six to Goodwill.  Make space in your life for new possibilities.

Plant Something.  Plant a seed, along with an intention to accomplish some goal.  Use the plant’s growth to remind you to take daily steps toward achieving it.

Star Gaze.  Now that it’s warmer outside, Spring is a great time for star gazing. Cuddle up in your backyard hammock or your favorite balcony chair with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate and your favorite pet and enjoy.

Color an Egg.  Eggs are supposed to represent rebirth and a new potential.  Folklore says that on the day of the Spring Equinox, eggs will easily balance on their end.  In Ukrainian Easter tradition, the colored eggs are called psysanky.  For you crafty types, painting psysanky is a fun way – albeit challenging – way to spend the afternoon.  Give the eggs as gifts to friends as symbols of prosperity.

Make Amends. Did a friendship end badly?  Do you say things to your ex or to a family member that you wish you could take back?  Even if you don’t want the relationship to continue, send a card or a handwritten note and clear your conscience.  Remember every relationship has a season, a reason or a lifetime.  Release the past and move forward knowing that you’ve done your best.

Do Something Sexy.  In Pagan traditions, Spring festivals revived various sexual rituals which honored the sun’s welcoming and warm sun rays after the cold of winter.  Buy a piece of new lingerie or relax in a candlelit bath or treat yourself to a massage with essential oils.  Do something that makes you feel like your blood is flowing.

Go Fleurotica.  If you’re in Chicago, treat yourself to a ticket to this amazing botanical fashion runway show that will  dazzle both fashionistas and flower enthusiasts.  Guests will be treated to a variety of artistic floral interpretations in wraps and clothing, hats and more, all made from flowers, plants and leaves. The runway soiree is a collaborative event between the Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance, Chicago-area florists, and students from the School of the Art Institute’s Millinery Department.

Happy Spring!

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