Why Women Cheat

Men used to have the upper hand when it came to infidelity. They had affairs with sexy secretaries, the girl next door or random women at out-of-town conferences. Things are different now, with more women working out of the home. Women are also less dependent upon their husbands for financial support. This has given rise to an increasing number of women who cheat on their men.
Some might see this trend as a bit of poetic justice, after all, women have been at the mercy of philandering men for years. Other worry that the trend is a bad omen for the future of families. But, men who are suffering from the betrayal of an unfaithful women might be asking themselves why?

While there is no single answer for why women stray, there are some common reasons women become unfaithful.

Women Cheat Because They are Desperate for Attention

Women are expected to be everywhere at once these days. Many work, take care of children, clean the house, shop for groceries, tend to the laundry, juggle extra-curricular activities…the list is overwhelming. Their husbands might also be overworked and too busy to pay attention to them.

Women who don’t get attention and appreciation are susceptible to the charms of other men who seem interested in them. Having a man who treats them like a woman, not just a caregiver or house cleaner, can be enough to make some women cheat.

The Bad Girl Factor

In the past, being a “bad girl” carried a social price. Women who weren’t respectable didn’t get to marry a good man or live the American dream. This held true for women who had unacceptable jobs, such as strippers and cocktail waitresses, and those who were perceived as having loose morals.

This perception, however, has changed over time. Strippers have been romanticized and the idea of having “loose morals” has been replaced with the notion of empowerment. It is fashionable, even desirable, to be a bit naughty. This has made it easier for women to cross the line from faithful housewife to cheating housewife.

Payback for Their Boyfriends’ Infidelity

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned holds true in terms of payback for cheating.  An unfaithful mate takes a special toll on women, who have an emotional connection with sex. Thinking that her boyfrined  has an emotional connection with another woman can be more painful than the fact that they had sex.

A woman might cheat to try and impart an emotional toll on the man who has wronged her. It might be that she wants revenge, or it might be that she wants him to see just how much cheating hurts. And, though revenge doesn’t ever right the wrong, it is a convenient excuse to lash out.

A Lack of Self-Worth

Self-esteem is a major issue for women, and under the right circumstances it can drive a woman to cheat. Sex can provide an instant boost to self-esteem, suddenly making her feel desirable, sexy and wanted. This is particularly tempting for a housewife who feels like her sexy days are long behind her.

Low self-esteem makes women particularly vulnerable to the charms of smoother talkers that make them feel wanted. Just like men enjoy being flirted with, women with low-self esteem issues feel special when a man pays them attention. Feeling wanted is a temporary boost to their sense of worth.

Few things have the destructive power that infidelity has to ruin a relationship. Some never recover from the betrayal, even if they initially feel they can make it work. Others give up on trusting anybody, destroying their chances for a healthy relationship in the future. While there is never an excuse that truly justifies cheating, understanding why it might have happened can help future relationships.

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  1. Excellent article on a topic that has not been given enough attention. My husband and I are counsel couples as a team and we are seeing more and more of this.
    Very much enjoyed your article!

  2. Michelle says:

    Some women cheat because they just want the feeling. Here is an interesting article about How To Cheat And Get Away With It.

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