Meet Your Next Big Client On The Plane?

Wish you were sitting next to the venture capitalist or boutique hotel owner couple of rows ahead of you on your flight from NYC to Paris? If you fly KLM, you can. According to TechCrunch, next year, the Dutch airline plans to offer passengers the chance to pick their seatmate based on Facebook or Linkedin profiles with a new program called “meet & seat”. Passengers will be able to opt-in to have their social media profile available for other travelers to see before they make their seat choice.

Whether or not both parties will have final picture approval is unclear. The airline will not comment since the program is still in development.

Earlier this year Malaysia Airlines launched a similar program that allows passengers to book a flight and check-in on the airline’s Facebook page. Startup Planely, wants to create a “social flying revolution” by connecting you with other Planely fliers.

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