Get Out Of Dodge For The Holidays

If the weather hasn’t shocked your soul into submission, the holiday onslaught just might. Usually, I can handle Thanksgiving just fine — grateful that I’m a single woman living in North America — but truth be told, by the time I’ve swung through, Christmas, New Year’s and that “holiday” that happens on February 14th, I’m starting to lose my mind. So, this year I’m considering getting the hell out of dodge. “Paris, Costa Rica and Argentina, Big Sky and Yellowstone and Hawaii,” says Eric Kravitz, whose company All Singles Travel has been planning group singles adventures since 1996.  Kravitz who plans trips monthly and year-round likes to think of himself as the George Peppard of travel. Depending on your vintage, you may remember Peppard’s character John ‘Hannibal’ Smith on the A-Team?


“It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When the whole thing is planned, you look at the finished board and you say, I love it because you see it’s going to be an exciting program for everybody.”

Normally trips are booked 90 days in advance but there are a few spots for last-minute types like me. Paris for New Year’s? I could handle that. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and then three nights in Amsterdam that includes a trip to Anne Frank’s House, plus a jaunt over to Vollendam Holland for a tasting of local wines and delicious Dutch cheese. Cheese, sigh.

Or maybe New Year’s in Costa Rica at a 5-star resort in the rain forest. I’ll be on the beach one day and beside a volcano, the next. Or I can tango in Argentina and tour the amazing falls of the Iguazu. But wait, I have to have a roommate? The last time I had one of those, she sucked. What if we don’t get along?

“It’s rare but we’ve had it once or twice in 16 years and we do our best Dr. Phil imitation,” says Kravitz.  Most of the women who travel with the company prefer to have a roommate assigned, not just for the cost savings but for the companionship and the new friends they’ll be making.


The trips are co-ed. The roommates are not and the assignments are done by age with most travelers between the ages of 30 – 50. Usually there are more women and that’s a good thing because it’s instant community, dinner conversation and safety in numbers. Even though the trips are well planned, they also offer a good amount of “me” time.

“If I were to pick one destination, it would be Hawaii. You’ve got the rainforest, volcanoes, beaches. You’ve got Luaus and culture. Hawaii is the only part of our country that was once ruled by a king and you learn so much fascinating history there. It’s a great winter destination because you get a chance to get away from the cold.”

Hawaii, huh? Oh my cold bitter heart.

For more information about last-minute holiday and winter trips and upcoming tours year-round, visit All Singles Travel.  If you’re serious about getting away for the holidays, Paris, Costa Rica and Yellowstone are only available until Friday, November 18th.

  • Paris DEC. 26, 2011-JAN.3 2012 (3 spaces left)

  • Costa Rica New Year’s Adventure Getaway December 26th 2011 – January 2nd, 2012 (5 spaces left)

  • Yellowstone National Park & Big Sky Montana JANUARY 7-14, 2012 (5 spaces left)

  • Argentina Tango FEB. 11-18, 2012 (8 spaces left)

  • Winter Adventure & Party Week In Hawaii, March 3-11, 2012

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