Are You Going To San Fran Or Tijuana?

Part of my definition of thriving has involved changing my relationship to money.  I’ve been getting my financial house in order for the last year and a lot of that work includes expanding my wealth consciousness. I’ve learned that indecision gets in the way of wealth creation.  People who have the kind of income I’m interested in earning, make decisions quickly and change their minds slowly.  People who are over-cautious or who change their minds often, rarely do.

Makes sense doesn’t it?  If you were in Los Angeles and you decided you wanted to go to San Francisco, you would get in your car, fill up the tank and start driving in the direction of San Francisco.  If you felt like it, you might buy a plane ticket.  You wouldn’t get on the road and turn around two hours into a traffic jam or change your mind to go to Tijuana or Reno instead even though you were more than half way there.

Or would you?

I’ve met a lot of single women who say they want money and/or partnership but can’t seem to figure out how to get either, which is not surprising because whether you understand it or not, what you think about money and men is deeply intertwined.

Some women get on the road but when the drive to their destination is taking a little longer than expected, they turn around or start looking for shortcuts in their self-development.  They get frustrated and the only course of action they’re emotionally or intellectually bound to — the true meaning of commitment — is being right.  When you focus on the fact that something isn’t working, that’s exactly what you get.

Then there are those other gals, the efficient ones who pack a map and who are so used to taking care of themselves that they’re smug they’re on the right course.  They’re not getting to San Francisco either, because they have no idea that they missed an exit while they were changing a channel on the radio and they’re about to get into an accident.  Sure they’ll call the tow truck driver when they’re in a ditch but once their car is fixed, they’ll be back en route until they end up in the next ditch, and then the next one, over and over again.  Eventually when they ask for help, they’ll find out about the GPS update they should have downloaded that included new exits and closures but by then, they’ll have wasted a whole lot of time, energy and money.

When you make a firm decision about what you want, the universe lines up the people and opportunities to help you make that happen.  You don’t have to choose a relationship over cash or vice versa.  You can have both.  When you push one area of your life aside in favor of another, devalue it or decide you can do it on your own, it should be a clue that your receiving channel is on the fritz.  It’s not that what you want hasn’t shown up, the problem is that you don’t know how to allow.

Get help for that.  Why?  Because the reality is that if you knew exactly what or who you needed to get exactly what you wanted, you would have it already, wouldn’t you?

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