Are You Ready For Tough Love?

I’m in the middle of re-envisioning a website I launched back in 2009.  It was a lifestyle and inspiration site for single women and it’s how I went to school for social media, SEO, CMS, email marketing, engagement and all that geek stuff that might make some of you feel a little woozy. By the beginning of 2012 as I started to really get honest about what I wanted in terms of my life and business, I knew I had to re-brand, especially because we had over 500 articles in the archives.  I started thinking about a way I could combine my pursuit of living your best life — the original focus of my site — with my love of interior designers, cool products and their makers, and the name came to me in a flash.  Still I procrastinated, telling myself that I was working on it like I do with a lot of writing projects, in the background of my mind.

flying under the radar

The truth was though that I’ve been avoiding the site as an excuse to stay invisible.  Sure I’ve had press on stage and for my films but being hidden behind a story is way easier than being me.  I love the intimacy of sharing this newsletter with you and the boutique nature of my firm.  Building bold brands with an exclusive list of clients who are talented, work hard, dream big and are willing to stretch has brought me more joy than I ever imagined and besides, I like flying under the radar.

However, there are other pieces of my creative puzzle that need to be expressed.  I want to talk about products, creative entrepreneurs and living life beautifully and I need a space to do that more often, and in more than a 140 characters or less.  I’ve grown out of my online homes and need a space with the tools to support my vision and expansion, a site that not only shows who I am but who I am becoming.

deadlines work

So like any good producer I gave myself a deadline.  I’m heading to New York in early February to work with an exciting new client (definitely more on her later!) and I’m telling all of you about these changes to keep me visible and accountable.  I’ve got articles coming out in three online publications over the next couple of months — two major and one tiny — and I will have birthed this creative baby by then.  As one client told me, a few calls after her intensive, I feel like I’m in a washing machine.  But what I do know about this process is that everything that’s off, not right, wrong and not on point or on purpose will eventually drain out after the spin.

Alas, not today.  Today in true producer fashion, I sat bitterly complaining to myself about how little I’ve gotten done and how now that I’m finally ready and why isn’t it  finished yet?!  I’m not going to lie, there were curse words involved.  That’s when I did the math and realized that I just got the ball rolling last Thursday and that there is a reason why people don’t work on weekends and holidays.

What about you?  How are you flying under the radar in business?  Name one thing you can do to dial it up a notch.

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