Does Your Luxury Interior Design Firm Need Twitter?

I spoke in Palm Springs last Thursday and during the presentation, a member of the audience called out to ask me how he could use twitter to market his luxury interior design firm.  His tone told me he was dubious.  I asked him a couple of questions and then gave him some suggestions: projects in progress, products he liked, photos of travels or cool things he sees locally.He still wasn’t buying it so I told him about a Toronto client of mine whose boutique, luxury firm got two estate home projects in Boston via Twitter.  She’s all-authenticity on her feed and has built a following in the thousands, living her brand and showing her aesthetic to an audience of ideal clients.  Her transparency builds trust.That might not be the case for every luxury firm, but it’s definitely essential to her brand’s value because she’s also a TV host.


It’s About Passion Not Numbers.

Another client started using Facebook after the module I did on social media during my Image 360° Mastermind.  She posted a rug she liked and said she’d love to use it in a bedroom.  One of her Facebook friends — aka ideal clients — loved the rug just as much and hired her to do  a guest bedroom.  When I asked her how many friends she had following her, she said 30.Not everyone needs to be on twitter, just like not everybody needs a blog.  The key is understanding who you’re doing business with and understanding how and where they expect to do business with you.  Your computer geek may have worked SEO magic to get you on the first page of Google, but is the CEO whose private jet you want to do, searching for you there?

Are You Marketing To The Right People?

When I work with clients, part of the discovery process is defining not only who they do business with, but also who they want to do business with.  Who is their ideal client?  What do they do?  What do they love?  Where is their “pain” and most importantly, how are you and your business going to be able to heal it?

Creating a strategic plan to sell your business requires study.  It requires being truthful about who you are, the size of the business you want to create and then making sure that the actions you take are in alignment with who you want to work with.  Your goal is to design a business and life that is successful on your terms, no matter what the size.

What about you? Do you use twitter? Why/why not?

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