The First Choice Is Not Always The Right Choice

I love award shows and I’m particularly excited about the Oscars this year because I’ve had the opportunity to screen most of the films and also because I’m heading to a party hosted by the Producers Guild. I’m rooting for Whiplash and The Theory of Everything, films that were character-driven, high-stakes emotionally and beautifully acted and shot. There’s an industry adage that says 90% of the formula for making a great film is about casting and I used to believe that, until I started producing. No doubt about it, your film’s going to flop if the actors suck but someone’s got to option the material, hire the casting director, replace the director, find a distributor, raise equity and create a marketing plan among other things. That would be the producer.

It’s not uncommon for Producers to shepherd their ideas through years—and I mean years—of development and financing before they actually hit the big screen, putting out fires, rallying support and swerving to avoid the charlatans who would stamp their vision into the process along the way.

If you believe in your material and are dedicated to being in service, at some point you’ll probably change your plan, give up control and listen for the clues this thing you’re creating is telling you.

That is if you’re willing to concede that your first choice is not always the right choice.

That the things you know most strongly to be true, can change on a dime.

That carrying the weight of big egos will leave you crushed. So stop carrying them.

That maybe, but or kind of don’t mean YES.

That the biggest talents are often the most humble.

That humble doesn’t mean invisible.

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That leadership doesn’t mean being loud.

That what you call procrastination is sometimes your soul’s way of tricking you into waiting for more information, for the right time, the right place, the right person or for people to reveal themselves.

That a delay is not a denial.

That detours are meant to give you more information and show you what you don’t know.

That trusting your instincts and listening to your intuition are of paramount importance but not quite as important this.

Never give up.

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