My Interview With Kelly Hoppen

Most designers are educated enough about the design process to know that getting published is an important part of building their brand. But often in the rush to be seen, they forget that the fastest way to get the media to notice you, is to actually have something to say.

I was reminded of this earlier this week when I interviewed Kelly Hoppen at the first edition of Maison&Objet Americas in Miami. Kelly has been in business for forty years and has built an international brand and multi-tiered business. Speaking to her, there is no doubt about why she is press-worthy. She had fascinating insights, not just on the business and process of design, but also as they relate to the world and what is happening in it. Insights—I might add—that she was able to deliver in a single take. Talk about knowing your personal and professional brand! It’s why she’s been covered so widely and why as she continues to evolve, Editors will seek her out to hear what she has to say.

Every publication has a target demographic they want to reach and Editors, Journalists and Producers are the gatekeepers who ensure their audiences will be spoken to. Have you honed your POV? Is your work current or visionary? How does it relate to the work of your peers? Are you using the products of the advertisers they already feature? Have you ever been published and by whom? Did you work with a celebrity or notable figure who lives in the geographic area that the publication serves? How are you leading?

Ultimately, getting published represents a personal relationship you’re building with an editor, one that allows you and the work you do to be top-of-mind during your career over time. So take the necessary time to define your vision and voice and to ask yourself, long after you’ve finished the work, what do you want your rooms to say?

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