Other People’s Reality

You know the type. Those people who stomp on the seed of the vision rooted in your heart, or who water it with a “well-meaning” dose of reality.

Accountants are notorious for this. They’re very good at making predictions for your business based on what you have earned—historically. Even if they hear and understand where you say you’re going, they don’t see how you’re going to get there, now. That’s because like so many realistic types, accountants work in the realm of what is.

Here’s the thing, realistic is really only someone else’s take on their experience. What they have decided emotionally, intellectually, and usually not spiritually, has nothing to do with you. That is unless you accept their reality as your own.

When you’re investing in a new way of being, and a coach, your earnings will probably increase. So will your self-confidence, self-esteem and trust in your own judgement. Things change. And so, by the way, might your accountant. The team that surrounded you at six figures, might not be a fit as you reach seven or eight.

But what about in a recession, you say? Or in a hot real estate market? What happens when what you desire is perceived by other people to be scarce? Isn’t it realistic to accept and plan accordingly?

Yup, those kinds of things do affect a lot of people. But others, not so much.

Disney, Apple and FEDEX were founded during a recession by people who decided on their own economy. In a hot market, houses still get sold, and not always to the person who bids the highest price. Just because something appears to your human eyes to be in limited supply, doesn’t mean your soul doesn’t know how to get it.

There is no such thing as goal setting in nature. Trees don’t strive for height. The earth doesn’t need permission to spin. So too, desires are never born unless there is supply but hearing the cues offered to the source of them requires faith. Faith, outside of a religious context, is all about expectation, just not everyone else’s.

One of my happiest surprises being in business, has come from learning that things didn’t have to happen the way that everyone else said they should. What other people thought was realistic, had nothing to do with me. For a long time, I was distracted by everybody else’s noise, but now I’m more sure than ever that a leader’s vision is as specific and individual, as their fingerprints.

The same goes for clients. Over and over again, I’ve watched them receive the vision for, and then achieve things that other people told them they wouldn’t, or couldn’t, in impossible timing and in circuitous ways. I’ve watched designers who have long been stuck, transform their finances and their wealth consciousness into a new normal.

The next time somebody tells you, That’s unrealistic. Finish off their sentence with, for you, even if it’s in your head. One day your unrealistic story will be the blueprint someone else is using to get where they’re going.

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