I Can Handle It.

I’m sure you say it all the time.
I can handle it.
You’re the one that everybody leans on, the one they count on to deliver. They hire you because you listen to what they say. Because you make them feel like they are your only client. Because you get it done.
The projects are getting bigger. The days are getting shorter. Your obligations aren’t going away and it feels like everyone is relying on you to keep your word, to read minds, to please them, which is what you’ve been doing for as long as you can remember.
Trouble is that sometimes you feel like you’re sinking. It’s called self-employment but somewhere along the way taking care of your self has become less of a priority.
It’s not like you don’t want more. Sometimes you let yourself catch glimpses of a future filled with mind-blowingly creative projects, travel, recognition, better opportunities, a new way of being…
But then you panic.
How could you possibly handle one more thing? You are at capacity.
Which is why you’d rather not waste time training someone else to handle it. You’ve tried that and it was an utter waste of time. You’ve got people. They’re not perfect. No they’re not doing what you really need them to do but you can’t rock the boat. You’re too busy to risk them leaving.

You don’t have time to calendar, to take time off, to rest, to breathe, to risk any kind of change, especially the good ones.
But here’s the thing, the fact that you’re struggling to do it all is indicative of something very obvious.
You are not supposed to.
You are not supposed to do it all AND furthermore, you are not supposed to struggle.
The easier it is, the more will actually get done. Got it?
That vision you see in your head, the one you keep holding off while you stubbornly insist that you’re the only one who can handle it, is where your life and business get really good.

But that vision is asking you to let go of what isn’t working now, the struggle. That vision is asking you to grow (and trust me when I say you’re not interested in the opposite) and growth requires that you master a skill you’re not comfortable with: receiving.
Are you willing to receive the guidance of your gut, your inner voice or the you, that knows who you truly are?
Are you willing to accept support?
Are you willing to get out of your own way and stop doing?
Are you willing to consider the possibility that you can receive a new way of being? One that is easy?

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