Decisions. Decisions.

According to the internet, the average amount of remotely conscious decisions an adult makes every day equals about 35K. (That’s 226.7 daily decisions on just food alone!).

Stick With It

Developing the vision for your business requires your decision-making process to be hyper-conscious and consistent. Visions, ideas, projects, transactions, all have their own rhythm and once you’ve decided you’re on board with your plan, it’s all about making moment by moment decisions to stick with it.

There is no time to ponder the fact that decisions come with consequences, that choices compound. When you’re the steward of a vision, your decisions always interact with other choices and actions to create a ripple effect. That’s a given, so get used to it. Your process may be imperfect. Whether you’re working on creating an editorial calendar as part of your content marketing strategy or learning to raise your prices. You may give into temptation, decide impulsively, roll over in compliance or force yourself to prioritize and change your mind.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to making decisions, your “pro and con” list may not be effective, especially if new decisions run into old feelings. Because feelings, especially old ones, are often attached to practiced beliefs, the kind of beliefs that can steer you off course. Even if the belief no longer serves you! You may not be conscious of that in the moment. Because giving birth to a vision requires you to make the kinds of decisions that have you sorting through, looking at, remembering, and letting go, at a pace that will require you to want your vision more than your practiced way of being.

If you feel stuck, or emotional when you have to make a decision, one that will impact the way your vision unfolds, ask yourself, am I more committed to the movement of where I’m going, or would I rather hold onto where I’ve been? Only you can decide.

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