How is 2022 treating you so far?

My son and I had Covid just after the holiday. The blessing in that — yes I said blessing — was that it gave me additional time to consider my vision for the months ahead. Nothing like being sick to remind you that you’re not as in charge as you think you are and that if you surrender to what is happening at the moment, you will find infinite possibilities for an inspired course of action.

For me, this new year is about Intention. The word comes from the Latin meaning stretching or purpose and in medicine, it can mean the healing process of a wound. Intention is a word I’m claiming for 2022.

The word grabbed my attention while reading What Happened To You?, a book co-written by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D. Perry about the way the brain is impacted by trauma. So much in it, including the contributions, Winfrey made to the PROTECT Our Children Act, Bill 1738 in 2008. Winfrey credits big shifts in her life and outcomes to a conversation with spiritual teacher and author Gary Zukav about the power of intention and ever since her practice is to ask, “What is my intention in doing this?” before she takes action.

Last year, there was lots of pruning and preparation in our company and we checked a lot of boxes off of our to-do list. But I lost the spirit of “get-to-do-it-ness”, in other words, the joy, behind the doing. This year, I’m moving intentionally, and especially, with ease and joy. It’s something this season of my life is asking.

I made a list of ten subjects I’m intending more focus toward. They’re not goals. I don’t have end dates but what I do have is a list of reminders of things I feel aligned to have more of, to allow, to intend, not for anyone else, just for me.

What about you? Have you considered what this year will mean to you and how you’ll prepare for success?

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