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The hospital was a simple concrete building with no signage. A camel was parked outside next to the steps on which five civilian garbed men – including the 26-year-old doctor and his even younger nurse – were smoking cigarettes. Inside, peeling paint hung like stalactites from a crumbling ceiling in an unmanned reception area that […]

FIELD TRIP: Costa Rica

MANUEL ANTONIO, COSTA RICA — One of the problems with living in the Costa Rican rainforest is that is rains. A lot. From May through November — mas o menos — the skies weep incessantly, rendering the rutted streets puddle-laden bogs, my small house a receptacle for all things musty and moldy. Don’t get me […]


Diddy berths his yacht in Ibiza town during his frequent forays here. Kylie Minogue, Elle MacPherson and Paris Hilton are oft-seen visitors while jewelry designer and Rolling Stone offspring Jade Jagger is a long term resident. Pike’s Hotel, one of the island´s most exclusive, is wallpapered with celebrity images: Jon Bon Jovi, Sade, Freddie Mercury, […]


My winter in Goa was drawing to a close, and with no firm plans and so much of India still to explore I joined the post-high season exodus to Pushkar, Rajasthan, the next pre-ordained pack track destination. Geared towards the tourist trade (it’s the site of the renowned annual Camel Fair), and serving as another […]

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hello there.

I’m Kim, Founder and Chief Idea Woman

I'm an Author, Award-winning Producer and Visibility Ideator with an Uncommon Take on Doing Business.

I founded MeByDesign, an idea boutique for the home industry in 2011 and have worked with creative entrepreneurs in the United States, Europe and Canada.

My incredible clients have been featured in publications like Architectural Digest, New York Times, Elle Decor, House & Garden (UK), and on network and cable television. Several have also negotiated television development and product licensing deals.

You may have read my first book, Branding + Interior Design which has taught thousands of designers how to bridge the gap between designer and design leader.

What would life be like if you were wholly visible?

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The difference between unknowns, design leaders and legends is a factor of visibility. But being visible is about more than being seen, one of its underused definitions is available



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The difference between unknowns, design leaders and legends is a factor of visibility. Branding + Interior Design is the quintessential handbook for next-gen design leaders.

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