To Succeed or Not To Succeed

“Too many professionals try to protect themselves against failure, but never plan to exploit success!”

​I’m doing my daily lunch-time reading and that sentence by author Alan Weiss jumped off of the page. As a single mom, I’ve lately been wrapped up answering all of the “what if disaster strikes” scenarios demanded by insurance planners, financial planners and estate planners and even though the end result is supposed to be security, the process is generating a whole lot of anxiety. I wasn’t entirely conscious of how much it’s been impacting my way of thinking until I read that sentence.

Now I realize why. It’s a way of planning for the future but it’s through a different lens.

Most of my work in coaching is about creating more wealth, visibility and legacy for clients but we do that not by talking about mitigating risk, cutting back on expenses or paying your business instead of yourself—a business adage that needs to die IMO—we do it with a single-minded focus on fulfilling the vision. We do it by planning for success. All that means is bringing the vision to fruition. We’re not committed to the “how” but to the intention and the result.

It’s the difference between having a “future spending” account and a “emergency fund” or panicking about the looming recession—as media is encouraging us to do—instead of focusing on our vision and trusting in our ability to stay the course or pivot on an as-need basis. We’re not squaring our shoulders against disaster. We’re asking to be informed by “flow”.

Covid taught us that nothing is truly in our control but it also showed many of us that we are capable of not only surviving but continuing to experience forward momentum and business success. Maybe it was luck, or maybe it was expectation?

The teaching is simple. Focus on what you what and you will get it, whether the outcome is positive or negative. But there is a fine line between preparation, practice, risk, experience and living joyfully. This afternoon, I’m wiping my lens clear.

What about you? What did you think when you read that sentence? Have you been preparing to succeed or protecting yourself against failure?

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