The creative entrepreneurs I work with who run the biggest businesses tend to be a good blend of what until recently, science has called being left- and right-brained. They can toggle easily between an analytical approach and a more creative and emotional one to solve problems. I operate that way too.
When we’re collaborating to build a Visibility Strategy, create intellectual property and create business expansion, the game changer is often something none of them consider: receptivity.
Receptivity is a quality of being open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions. Business is built on masculine principles, so the first thing a lot of business strategists will do is have you look at the numbers. I do that too, but one of the reasons my clients are so successful is because I don’t believe shredding your expenses and increasing your fees is the most strategic salve. Receptivity, a feminine quality, produces results in unexpected, and often incredible ways, which is why I suggest incorporating receiving as a practice.
The Spiritual Law of Receiving says that every relationship is one of give and take. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy. I believe that visibility and receiving are part of a mighty triumvirate that is necessary to unfold an expanded vision. Think of it this way. Receiving is like breathing—required for living. You must receive the air back into your lungs after you exhale, otherwise, you will die. As you freely give, you freely receive is what the law states, but many women have a complicated relationship with receiving.
How often have you been on the receiving end of something unexpected or unwanted, whether it’s the sting of criticism, a family crisis, the horror of the evening news, or even something as innocent as a compliment? Whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, visible, or invisible, subconscious, or conscious, receiving is automatic. Conversely, many of us have been trained to focus on giving, specifically caregiving, to exhaustion and if you’re driving a service model, you’re likely out of balance when it comes to receiving. So how can we change our relationship to it?
First, when you’re receptive, and seeking expansion or change, you must open to the ideas you receive. Those ideas are not only the seeds of your desires, but in their execution, will likely require you to shift. As uncomfortable as it is at first, when it comes to transformation, shifts are a very good and necessary thing.
Next, cultivating receptivity also means that you will be supported. An example here is hiring team members that embody your company mission and values, people who stand for your brand as powerfully as you do.
Finally, practicing receptivity means that you will allow your own care to become part of your business equation. Why? Because heightened creativity is always a bi-product of being relaxed and in flow.
What about you? How good are you at receiving? Let me know in the comments and I’m happy to share a personal receiving practice I created with you.

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