Burn The Bridge.

Most of us have learned that it’s not a good idea to burn bridges, because we think of that concept exclusively in terms of relationships. But if you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think & Grow Rich, you know that the concept of burning bridges is also a reframe for risk.

Burn the bridges that keep you “safe”, that stop you from diving deep into your life with all of your energy.

Once a bridge is broken, you can’t swim back to shore. You must make it to the other side.

Same goes with your business.

Burn the bridges that stop you from expanding your team.

Burn the bridges that stop you from raising your rates and meeting your financial goals.

Burn the bridges that stop you from writing that book, or designing that line.

Burn the bridges that tell you not to take your desires seriously, from deciding you will make things work now. Here’s how:

Be Available.  You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t have the answers to questions you don’t know how to ask, and if you’re addicted to what you can see, proof or what you can control, you’re going to have a hard time being available for what’s on the other side of uncertainty. Let go. Ask for help and then allow. Note, plot twists are imminent!

Have Faith.  Outside of a religious context, faith is about expectation. It’s about firmly believing that something, for which there is no obvious proof, can and will happen. Use bumblebees as your totem. According to scientists, these bombini aren’t aerodynamically structured to fly.  So in the spirit of doing things other people think you can’t do, hold the vision of what you desire in your mind and heart as already done. Your unconscious mind will act accordingly.

Trust Your YES.  “YES I want to do that!  Yes that’s for me.  Hell YA!” Maybe is not yes. Maybe is no but willing to ask more questions. No means no. Trust that. Trust yourself. When you focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t, unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary ideas may pop into your head.  Follow them. They know where your yes, is.

When the bridge is burned, the fire lights the path so you can leap to the other side and you know what they say about leaping. A net always appears.

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