Half of the kids in my neighborhood have already gone back to school which feels a little crazy to me since I’m still in Summer mode. Last year at this time, I was closing on a house and I had no idea what was in store for us as I made a move across the country to a state that had never been on my radar. But here’s what I knew wholeheartedly–emphasis on heart–my decision was a yes. And coming to that yes required me to be brave.

In spite of the unknown, in spite of the fear masking excitement, I knew enough about the process of change and my intuition to have faith that this yes was moving me toward the vision of my life I was asking for.

It’s something I talk about a lot with private clients and is one of the first lessons I learned way back at the beginning of my coaching journey, Maybe is not yes. In fact anything less than a yes…probably…perhaps…on the condition that…is still no.

Maybe might mean you’re close, or not.

Maybe could also mean that you’re in a rush, impatient and don’t want to wait for the guidance, information or for the support you know you need.

Maybe might mean that you’re blocking your receptivity to what is new because you’d rather not give up control. You’re living in the illusion that you know what you can’t know because you’re growing.

Or maybe is your excuse to settle, stay hidden, or stay stuck.

For me, maybe used to mean that I was afraid to really ask for it, because an old part of me worried that what I’d asked for didn’t exist or wouldn’t show up at the right time. I’ve burned that bridge! Now
I’ve learned that maybe is usually a request from my inner GPS for more details, for a higher level of specificity in my ask. Maybe is daring me to be brave, do and receive more.

Because here’s the thing about powerful (often lucrative) decisions, they like to be made quickly. Maybe is asking more of you because it knows that your growth and expansion is all about yes. Saying yes is brave.

How brave are you willing to be today Friend?

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