What If?

You know the things you always say you’re going to do, finish or get — the things that you never do.

What if this year you actually did — you know — do, finish and get? What would your world look like then?

What if you finally took that trip to Greece, (for me it’s Paris)?

What if you let go of that toxic friendship or relationship that is holding you down?

What if you moved to a new neighborhood?

What if you had the script to ask for the raise you know you deserve? Or find a new job at a firm that rewards you well for the work you do?

What if you finally started investing?

What if you finally raised your rates?

What if…?

What’s on the end of if, for you?  Even if you think you don’t know, your willingness to get unstuck will help you to find it.

What if you actually kept your word to yourself, finished what you started and got exactly what you asked for?

This is about your life, the beautiful life you say you want, but don’t know how to get to. It’s not about dreams, or wishes, it’s about something much stronger than that, your desires.

Desires are the things you can’t stop seeing in your minds eye, the visions of your life coming straight from your gut, from your soul.  Believe me when I say that your desires are a part of your purpose.

Know that it’s absolutely necessary for you to take the steps that lead you toward fulfilling them, especially if you want your life to be on purpose, if you want to live in joy.  Say it with me, “Unstuck”.  It’s time to call in your desire.

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