What Charlotte Moss Said At The Design Blogger’s Conference

That's me with Artist/Custom Wallpaper Designer Tracy Hiner of BlackCrowStudios.com

I kicked off my week at the Design Bloggers Conference 2013with a slew of awesome design folk from across the United States.  POV was a big theme.  In fact, having one is a key component in Charlotte Moss’ “Blogma”

…be original…

…be informed…

…be selective…

…be kind…

…be accurate…

…be respectful…

…be inspiring…

…be provocative…

…have a point of view…

…be ethical…

…make it fabulous.

POV = Brand DNA

As a designer, your POV and how you interpret your client’s personality and space through your unique visual lens is the essence of a bold and profitable brand.  But it’s not just what you see, it’s also how you masterfully share that POV across multiple digital platforms.  The internet isn’t going away and design leaders are becoming more and more sophisticated about how they use and profit from it.

Case in point, Newell Turner, Editor in Chief, Hearst Design Group and House Beautiful spoke about how the popular shelter mag is incorporating the technology for QR codes — a matrix barcode that your Smartphone can read — beneath the images on select pages.

Install the House Beautiful Connect app to scan the hidden code and you’ll get added features like behind-the-scenes video with the Editor himself, his team, contest details, cool apps and any other treats they can dream up.

Use Your Voice

Using video, social media and other online marketing tools feels less onerous when you understand that you’re offering your audience of ideal clients another layer in your story and deeper insight into the way you do business: transparency.  Transparency builds trust and people want to do business with people they can trust.

So ask yourself, what’s your unique POV?  Are you revealing all angles authentically?  Are you speaking to your audience of ideal clients?  What’s one quality you want to reflect in your own blogma?

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