Too Overwhelmed To Read This?

Chances are if you’re overwhelmed, you’re in the middle of something big, a big shift toward exactly where you want to be. But come on, are you really completely defeated or drowning beneath a huge mass?    No, no you’re not.

Tough Love

My own business advisor – yes I have one too – told me she doesn’t support women in overwhelm and after two years of working with her, I tend to agree.  Here’s why.  Overwhelm is for people who don’t have a plan.  Overwhelm is for people who aren’t taking baby steps toward the fulfillment of their dreams.  But most importantly, overwhelm is for people who are refusing to allow the support that istrying to get to them, in.

“R” Is For Resistance

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it means that there are ideas, conditions, rendezvous, and all kinds of cooperation ready to assist you but you’ve decided you’re going to do it ALL by yourself and now you’ve freaked you out.  In other words, you’re being resistant, likely with a capital R.  Focusing on your lack of time and overloaded schedule is only going to multiple those feelings so you’d better start telling a different story, now.  If you want your life and business to shift, you’ll start thinking differently about all the things you’rechoosing to do to get you exactly where you’re meant to be.  Then you will start allowing (yes right now) that high-level support that is available for you, and that really wants to get to you, in.

Baby Steps, Grasshopper

Remember, focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  What is one baby step that you can take today to get you closer to your goal?

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