Her Fridge Has A Twitter Account

I’ve never watched BRAVO’s Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills but I have heard about Yolanda’s Fridge.

This is the fridge.

This is Yolanda.

This is Yolanda inside her fridge.

Yolanda Foster, wife of composer David Foster, is billed as a “domestic goddess” and her fridge has become a supporting 


 in the popular reality series.

It’s likely because instinctively, beauty moves us. Back in February a 

New York Times

 article talked about how brain scan studies reveal that seeing a beautiful product triggers the part of the motor cerebellum governing hand movement. We literally reach out for things that are beautiful. In this case, we can’t touch Yolanda’s fridge but clicking to follow it on twitter brings us just a wee bit closer.

Social Media Isn’t Going Away

The point is that if a refrigerator can have a twitter account with 11,000+ followers – yup you read that right – so can you.  Because even though this fridge is pretty, it can’t spell worth a damn.

But despite that, the fridge’s number of followers has doubled since I found out about it two weeks ago.  Now imagine if that jump in visibility applied to your business?  Imagine if you could convert even three of those followers into sales?It’s why I stress the importance of having beautiful photography to communicate your online brand not just visually, but emotionally.  When people buy your interior design services, they’re also buying how they want to feel in their homes and in their lives.  Yolanda’s fridge makes people feel 

very, very good

. How does looking at your portfolio make potential clients feel?Social media isn’t going away and even if you can’t wrap your head around twitter, there are multiple platforms that you can be using to drive traffic to your online home and to engage with your ideal clients in the way that only you can.  

Do you like using twitter?  If not, which social media platforms are you on and why?

photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife via photopincc

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