Are You Being Cheap With Yourself?

Some people won’t get the value of what you do no matter how well or often you explain it. You don’t have to worry about those one-off conversations; sometimes it’s not about you. But if you find yourself having the same conversation — sales, employee, spouse or otherwise — over and over again, guess what? It’s ALL about you.

Marianne Williamson teaches this well, “The only thing missing in any situation is that which you are not giving.”

What Are You Available For?

I know, I know, they’re not getting it! But apparently, since you’ve had this conversation or experience more than once, you’re not getting it either because otherwise, you wouldn’t keep attracting it into your life.

Take a closer look at what’s going on and you’ll notice the other person’s behavior is mirroring a belief that you’ve got buried somewhere inside. Usually those beliefs, aka thoughts you practice over and over again, are the exact opposite of what you say you want.

You want national recognition but you don’t have the time to do the work that will get you there. Time is that fantastic all-encompassing excuse people use to keep themselves playing small. Funny, you have time for the time demands of your kids, your partner and your clients, so why you don’t have time for you? Why aren’t you keeping your word to yourself when it comes to your own desires and growth? Maybe you really don’t have what it takes?

Attracting the nickel and dime types, where are you being cheap with yourself? Do you know your own worth, the value of the service you provide? Are you living in lack, nursing the belief that there isn’t enough money, clients, what you want?

Or how about that spouse of yours, who isn’t on board with an investment in your business? Don’t blame him for giving up on you. You already have. You know what you need; what you’re drawn to; what excites you. So why do you keep stopping yourself from going for it? If you don’t stand powerfully in your commitment to yourself, don’t expect somebody else to.

Lean Back

When you catch yourself in life’s feedback loop, lean back and look at what these conversations are trying to tell you? If you can’t figure out the thought that’s driving the show, that’s stopping you from being visible, from being paid well or from getting the support you need, get help.

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